Hey, admin here.

Whilst I greatly appreciate the commitment to creating factual and complete articles on all things owl city within this wikia, I must ask editors not to plagisarise. It's been pointed out to me that quite a number of pages have been ripped straight from Wikipedia and this absolutely cannot happen, it's plagiarism. When pages have been copy-pasted right from Wikipedia, it defeats the purpose of this wikia, so I must ask you not to do it. 

I received notifaction of plagiarism quite a few years ago and because I can't keep up with this wikia like I used to be able to, I'm unaware of how many pages have this issue. Beause of this, I must ask that if you see a page that has been plagiarised, please wipe it and rewrite it yourself. Alternatively, you can notify myself or another admin and we'll work on fixing things up.

Thank you for reading, I don't know how many people read the blog, but I'm hoping this will show up in recent wikia activity and thus people will see this.

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