"Sky Sailing" was one of the first musical projects by Adam Young of Owl City. It is mostly acoustic and recorded on piano and acoustic guitar.


"Sky Sailing" was started as Adam Young's first solo project in 2007, before he started performing and recording as Owl City with his first EP under that name, Of June in the same year. He soon left Sky Sailing in favor of the popularity attracted by Owl City. Adam released only one album in the name of Sky Sailing: "An Airplane Carried Me To Bed", which was not released until July 13, 2010[1][2], and features some of Adam Young's early recordings, before he started touring as Owl City. Upon the release of An Airplane Carried Me To Bed, Adam Young described the collection of songs on the Sky Sailing website:

I've kept these recordings secret for a long time and they've never seen the light of day until now. Long before Owl City was ever a spark of a flame, a lot of blue-collared working days were spent absentmindedly daydreaming about what would ultimately become this collection of songs. From the perfectionist musician's perspective, a song is never truly 'finished' but rather 'abandoned' and thus, after a lot of inspiration and reckless experimentation, I emerged from the basement with an 11 song record which I affectionately entitled, An Airplane Carried Me To Bed." - Adam Young [3]

An Airplane Carried Me To BedEdit

Track List Edit

Sky Sailing- An Airplane Carried Me to Bed

Cover art for "An Airplane Carried Me To Bed".

No. Title Duration
1 Captains Of The Sky 2:44
2 Brielle 4:06
3 Steady As She Goes 2:37
4 Explorers 4:10
5 A Little Opera Goes A Long Way 3:49
6 Tennis Elbow 3:45
7 Blue And Red 3:40
8 Alaska 2:36
9 I Live Alone 4:05
10 Take Me Somewhere Nice 2:48
11 Sailboats 4:19

Bonus Tracks Edit

No. Title Duration
1 Flowers Of The Field 3:55

Flowers of The Field was also released as a single on itunes, on July 27th 2010.

Sky Sailing - Brielle

Sky Sailing - Brielle


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