"Early Birdie" is the fifth track of Owl City's second album "Maybe I'm Dreaming".

Lyrics [1]Edit

Good evening, shuttle bus! Tell me where you're going to take us. Someplace that I have never been. It's chic transportation to new destination where I leave my reflection on the glass. I'd ask but we don't know how far these interstates go, or how deep the city roots go down. In chilly sub-depth railways, the weathered concrete stairways provide me with a means of getting home... if I ever leave.

On crystal sand, we sleep hand-in-hand. While soothing words hover like hummingbirds.

So many sights to see so wake up like an early birdie, and we'll get a head start on the day. Stained-glass skyways and crowded 6 lane highways. If I look back when I begin to leave, will they remember me?

Circuit flights bend the lights when I am spent. And tour guides make happy brides feel heaven-sent.


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