Color Therapy is an ambient instrumental project widely believed to be a side project of Adam Young. Multiple tracks released by Color Therapy are nearly identical to unreleased Adam Young songs and demos from years earlier.

Mr. Wolf Is Dead (2015)Edit

Mr. Wolf Is Dead is the first (and so far only) full-length album released by Color Therapy. It was released on March 24, 2015 and has a total runtime of about 48 minutes.


The album cover for Color Therapy's album "Mr. Wolf Is Dead".

# Title Runtime
1. Drive vs. Fly 3:37
2. Half Castle 2:12
3. This Emotion Is a Stranger 0:28
4. Screw Eyes 3:22
5. Terrarium (feat. The Album Leaf) 4:15
6. Wyoming 3:48
7. The Dusk Mother 4:08
8. Yachats 3:00
9. Challenger Deep (feat. Helios) 4:00
10. Moonlight in the Mouth 3:37
11. Expect Delays (feat. Ulrich Schnauss) 3:32
12. Wintering 3:45
13. Ballad of Lonely Ghosts (feat. Hammock) 6:41
14. This Universe Is All Around Us 2:20

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Other ReleasesEdit

Challenger Deep, The Dusk Mother, and Drive vs. Fly all have separate single releases.

Remixes Edit

  • Peter Broderick - A Snowflake (Color Therapy Remix)
  • Anton Belov - Reticent (Color Therapy Remix)
  • Nils Frahm - Do (Color Therapy Remix)
  • Mogwai - Heard About You Last Night (Color Therapy Remix)
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