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This is the most completed/update database list of every single Adam Young/Owl City song, album, remix and more. Find all the albums, singles and EPs that the electronic producer Owl City/Adam Young has ever recorded here!

All tracks publicly available should be in this playlist, containing almost 600 tracks and over 34 hours of content":


The US version of Shine Your Way (Adam Young Remix) is only available on US iTunes stores so I am unable to upload it onto Youtube, and the Mr. Heartache live demo cannot be uploaded due to copyright issues.

Uncomfirmed/Missing Tracks[]

I have been unable to confirm whether these tracks are either involving Adam or exist at all. If there is any information to confirm these, let me know!

Unreleased Confirmed Content[]

  • ACE Repertory tracks - ASCAP.com is a trusted database of registered music and there are apparently hundreds of tracks that have never been released and may never have even been recorded. See the separate article here as it is a lengthy list.
  • Windsor Airlift's Selections For A Fallen Soldier Pt. 1, a rare album with only a few publicly available songs, has apparently tracks named A Red Tide, Autumn Reflections and It's Been A Friday. The Youtuber who uploaded the former speculates that AR is the same track as Autumn on the album In Flight.
  • Cinematic custom instrumental (top prize for the Cinematic Remix contest winner and never made public; it is unknown if it is a new track or instrumental of an old track)
  • Several tracks in the Novel side project are kept on a hard drive by Windsor Airlift/Adam.
  • Port Blue's How I Became A Sky/Sailor has only been released in snippets and two tracks, The Beach House and The Return to Harbor are no available at all.
  • Rainbow Veins appears to have an unreleased draft version which can be heard here played by Adam's friends Windsor Airlift, which was uploaded 2 months before the album's release.
  • A track called "Pearl Diver" was said to be written by Adam on his official Tumblr, and one source claims that a video was posted with it, but was not downloaded before Adam removed it from his blog. [1]

Lost Tracks[]

  • Beat Master Deluxe - There’s Something Wierd in Here
  • Slingshot Powerbomb - Harley’s and Camaro’s

Unconfirmed Adam Youngs[]

  • Special Pick (with HeeSun Lee) (unconfirmed if this is our Adam Young)
  • Shamar's I Don't Know Why is apparently produced by Adam Young (of Owl City, according to Youtuber Himpontainous) but sources cannot be found on this.
  • As I am unable to date Windsor Airlift's I am Hercules to find out if Adam was involved in it or not, I do know that the earliest year I can find on it is 2013.


  • A song titled 'Caterpillar' has been rumoured to be the first ever Owl City song prior to Hello Seattle posted on MySpace for a brief amount of time before being deleted, but there are no sources to confirm this.


  • Eleazar
  • Yesterday’s Tomorrow
  • Redeemed
  • Pump N Munch - One source states this as the first ever band with track Lambs and Flowers, the tracks of which are apparently "buried under the archive" and changed again to Left Lane, with possible physical CDs in circulation at some point in Adam's school.
  • Left Lane - someone has claimed the Glacier Island Facebook page stated this as a project, another stating Pump N Munch was a previous name and had 3 unknown albums.
  • Goodbye Dubai (the talked about collaboration between Adam and Matt Thiessen)
  • Sidebar Crash
  • Teal Grassy Fires
  • Stops Hear is claimed to be a past project of Adam's but there are no reliable sources to confirm along with tracks Summer Storm, Out So Far and Silent Voice, none of which are available online

Disconfirmed Tracks[]

    • TUSD (fan made mashup of various Adam Young/Owl City songs)
    • Fireflies (Extended) (most likely fan made, very little info of it)
    • "Feeling It" and "So Alive" are miscredited on ASCAP as performed by Owl City, where they are in fact songs by Gannin Arnold and Adam Watts as a duo called Broken City.
    • "Work It Out" credited as Ryeland & Adam Young is not Owl City's Adam Young.
    • An Adam Young associated with The Lemonheads is another Adam.
    • Evelina Young's I'll Be There and Wildfire are likely to be another Adam, as neither the production nor purpose fits in, and it is probably a family member of Evelina considering the surnames.
    • The Adam Young in the band This Minor Tremble is a different album.


Maybe I'm Dreaming (2008)[]

220px-Maybe I'm Dreaming.jpg

No. Title Length
1. "On the Wing" 5:04
2. "Rainbow Veins" 4:40
3. "Super Honeymoon" 3:22
4. "The Saltwater Room" (feat. Breanne Düren) 4:52
5. "Early Birdie" (video) 4:15
6. "Air Traffic" 3:04
7. "The Technicolor Phase" 4:27
8. "Sky Diver" 2:48
9. "Dear Vienna" 3:58
10. "I'll Meet You There" 4:16
11. "This Is the Future" 2:51
12. "West Coast Friendship" 4:03
Total length 47:42
  • "Super Honeymoon" also has a pre-production version of the song. It may also have included a very similar melody to the Sky Sailing track "Captains of the Sky".

Ocean Eyes[]

Ocean Eyes

Released July 14th, 2009 (Universal Republic)

No. Title Length
1. "Cave In" 5:04
2. "The Bird and the Worm" 4:40
3. "Hello Seattle" (originally from Of June) 3:22
4. "Umbrella Beach" 4:52
5. "The Saltwater Room" (originally from Maybe I'm Dreaming) 4:15
6. "Dental Care" 3:04
7. "Meteor Shower" 4:27
8. "On the Wing" (originally from Maybe I'm Dreaming) 2:48
9. "Fireflies" (video) 3:58
10. "The Tip of the Iceberg" 4:16
11. "Vanilla Twilight" (video) 2:51
12. "Tidal Wave" 4:03
Total length 42:52

iTunes bonus tracks[]

No. Title Length
13. "Hello Seattle (Remix)" 5:53
14. "If My Heart Was a House" 4:06

Japanese edition bonus tracks[]

No. Ttitle Length
13. "Hot Air Balloon" 3:35
14. "Rugs From Me to You 1:28

Deluxe edition: disc 2[]

Deluxe edition

No. Ttitle Length
1. "Hot Air Balloon" 3:35
2. "Butterfly Wings" 2:54
3. "Rugs From Me To You" 1:27
4. "Sunburn" 3:47
5. "Hello Seattle (Remix)" 5:53
6. "If My Heart Was a House"


7. "Strawberry Avalanche" 3:18
8 "Fireflies (Adam Young Remix)" (iTunes exclusive) 3:12
  • "Hello Seattle" was also re-recorded as "Hello Orlando" and "Hey Sacramento" for their respective city radio stations, merely changing "Seattle" to the city names in the lyrics.
  • "Fireflies" was covered as an acoustic in Last.fm Sessions, accompanying the intro from the "All Things Bright and Beautiful" track "Sunburn" and using the instrumental melody from "To The Sky".
  • Adam mentions a quote from the Star Wars saga “That’s no moon, it’s a space station!” in a live version of “The Tip of the Iceberg”. This is also known as Gratuitous Soundcheck Shenanigans.
  • "The Saltwater Room" had a demo where the lyrics contained the line "I wish that we could sail our sad days away" which would later become "The Yacht Club".
  • "Vanilla Twilight" also has an extended radio edit which includes a short introducing instrumental piece at the beginning. It also has two earlier versions of it, at least with a very similar melody, titled "My Best Friend" and "My Weekend" by Windsor Airlift and The Atlantic respectively.
  • "Strawberry Avalanche" has a cool little live intro played on one of his tours.
  • Breanne Duren also provides backing vocals on "On the Wing", with Austin Tofte.
  • Matt Thiessen provides vocals on Cave In, The Bird and the Worm, Fireflies, Tidal Wave and "If My Heart Was a House".
  • Melisa Morgan provides vocals on "Meteor Shower" and "The Tip of the Iceberg".
  • Jolie Lindholm provides vocals on "Meteor Shower".

All Things Bright and Beautiful (2011)[]

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Released June 14th, 2011 (Universal Records)

No. Title Length
1. "The Real World" 3:34
2. "Deer in the Headlights" 3:00
3. "Angels" 3:40
4. "Dreams Don't Turn to Dust" 3:44
5. "Honey and the Bee" 3:44
6. "Kamikaze" 3:27
7. "January 28, 1986" (intro to "Galaxies") 0:37
8. "Galaxies" 4:03
9. "Hospital Flowers" 3:39
10. "Alligator Sky" (feat. Shawn Chrystopher) 3:05
11. "The Yacht Club" (feat. LIGHTS) 4:32
12. "Plant Life" 4:10
Total length 41:22

iTues bonus tracks[]

No. Title Length
13. "How I Became the Sea" 4:25
14. "Alligator Sky" (No Rap version) 3:15

Owl City Galaxy bonus track[]

No. Title Length
1. "Lonely Lullaby" 4:28

German iTunes and Japanese edition bonus tracks[]

No. Title Length
13. "How I Became the Sea" 4:25
14. "Shy Violet" 3:49
15. "To the Sky" 3:40

Taiwan edition bonus tracks[]

No. Title Length
13. "Alligator Sky" (No Rap version) 4:28
  • "In a live performance of "Deer in the Headlights", Adam sings the pre-chorus comically in a deep voice, as well as mentioning Santa Claus.
  • January 28, 1996 uses the reverse of Port Blue's Helmet and samples a presidential speech where Rolald Reagan discusses the Space Shuttle Challenger.
  • "Honey and the Bee" was originally meant to have Taylor Swift singing on the track.
  • "Hospital Flowers" contains vocals from Adam's mother, Joan Young.
  • "Alligator Sky" also has versions by rappers B.o.B and Big Boi, as well as a remix by Long Lost Sun. It is also the sequel to the music video of Deer in the Headlights.
  • Honey and the Bee was originally intended to have Taylor Swift featured on the song, but it is unknown if Taylor was even asked to feature.
  • "The Yacht Club" was a demo which had the production of "The Saltwater Room" on top of its vocals.
  • To the Sky was recorded for the movie Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole.
  • "Plant Life" contains additional vocals by Matt Thiessen.
  • Hannah Schroeder provides vocals for "Kamikaze", "January 28, 1986", "Alligator Sky" and "How I Became the Sea".

The Midsummer Station (2012)[]

The Midsummer Station

Released August 17th, 2012 (Universal Republic)

No. Title Length
1. "Dreams and Disasters" 3:45
2. "Shooting Star" 4:07
3. "Gold" 3:56
4. "Dementia" (feat. Mark Hoppus) 3:31
5. "I'm Coming After You" 3:30
6 . "Speed of Love" 3:28
7 . "Good Time" (feat. Carly Rae Jepsen) 3:26
8 . "Embers" 3:45
9 . "Silhouette" 4:12
10 . "Metropolis" 3:39
11 . "Take It All Away" 3:31
Total length 40:50

iTunes bonus track[]

No. Title Length
12. "Bombshell Blonde" 3:26

Japan bonus track[]

No. Title Length
12. "Top of the World" 3:30
  • "Dementia" also has a remixed version by Adam Young.
  • "Shooting Star" was in early stages of production a few years prior to release, and it is possible that there are or were demos existing leaked on the internet (see "TUSD" below). It was also intended to be the lead single but was changed to "Good Time" due to the success of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe".
  • There was a demo of "Speed of Love" titled "Speed" which had a dubstep breakdown in the middle of the song.
  • "Good Time" also has an unofficial acoustic version as part of the Last.fm/Spotify Sessions. It was also part of a lawsuit by Ally Burnett for allegedly copying her "woah oh oh"s in her song "Ah, It's A Love Song" but was rejected. Third party remixes of this track include Adam's own, as well as two from Fred Falke and Wideboys.
  • "Bombshell Blonde" uses some of the same sample packs as Skrillex's "Rock & Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain)"
  • The Minneapolis Youth Chorus and Matt Thiessen provide additional vocals on "Good Time".
  • "Good Time" also stars the vocals of Matt Thiessen.

Mobile Orchestra (2015)[]

Mobile Orchestra

Released July 10th, 2015 (Republic)

No. Title Length
1. "Verge" (feat. Aloe Blacc) 3:33
2. "I Found Love" 3:39
3. "Thunderstruck" (feat. Sarah Russell) 4:07
4. "My Everything" 3:45
5. "Unbelievable" (feat. Hanson) 3:13
6. "Bird With a Broken Wing" 3:55
7. "Back Home" (feat. Jake Owen) 3:09
8. "Can't Live Without You" 3:11
9. "You're Not Alone" (feat. Britt Nicole) 3:55
10. "This Isn't the End" 3:23
Total length 35:57

Japanese edition[]

No. Title Length
1. "Mobile Orchestra (Intro)" 0:35
2. "Verge" (feat. Aloe Blacc) 3:33
3. "Up All Night" 3:51
4. "Tokyo" (feat. Sekai no Owari) 3:39
5. "I Found Love" 3:39
6. "Unbelievable" (feat. Hanson) 3:13
7. "My Everything" 3:45
8. "Back Home" (feat. Jake Owen) 3:09
9. "Bird With a Broken Wing" 3:55
10. "Thunderstruck" (feat. Sarah Russell) 4:07
11. "This Isn't the End" 3:23
12. "You're Not Alone" (feat. Britt Nicole) 3:54
13. "Can't Live Without You" 3:11
  • "Verge" was originally supposed to be about weddings and is the lead single.
  • Stephanie Lauren, Matt Thiessen, Emily Wright and Abby Olmsted also star vocals in "Verge".
  • The Minneapolis Youth Chorus also star vocals on "Unbelievable".
  • This Isn't the End and Up All Night originally appear in the previous EP Ultraviolet.


No. Title Length
1. "Fiji Water" 4:20
2. "The 5th of July" 4:11
3. "All My Friends" 3:25
4. "House Wren" 3:30
5. "Not All Heroes Wear Capes" 3:46
6. "Montana" 4:06
7. "Lucid Dream" 4:21
8. "Always" 4:36
9. "Cloud Nine" 3:52
10. "Winners Never Quit" 3:39
11. "Madeline Island" 4:36
12. "Be Brave" 5:15
13. "New York City" 3:44
14. "Firebird" 3:59
15. "Cinematic" 4:13
16. "All My Friends" (alternative version) 3:28
17. "Montana" (alternative version) 3:49
18. "Firebird" (alternative version) 4:30
  • The album was originally released in a set of 'reels' or EPs before released as a whole album.
  • The 5th of July" also has an acoustic version uploaded on Adam's Youtube Channel.
  • "Not All Heroes Wear Capes" also has an acoustic version uploaded on Adam's Youtube Channel.c
  • "Be Brave" also has an acoustic version uploaded on Adam's Youtube Channel.
  • "Montana" also has an acoustic version uploaded on Adam's Youtube Channel.


Of June (2007)[]

Of June

Released August 29th, 2007 (Self-released)

Released March 30th, 2010 (Universal Republic re-release)

No. Title Length
1. "Swimming in Miami" 4:55
2. "Captains and Cruise Ships" 3:24
3. "Designer Skyline" 3:28
4. "Panda Bear" 3:08
5. "The Airway" 3:20
6. "Fuzzy Blue Lights" 4:40
7. "Hello Seattle" 2:57
Total length 25:28
  • "Hello Seattle" was the first ever Owl City song Adam had written. It's also included on Ocean Eyes and re-recorded.

Shooting Star (EP) (2012)[]

Shooting Star (EP)

Released May 15th, 2012 (Universal Republic)

No. Title Length
1. "Shooting Star" 4:07
2. "Gold" 3:56
3. "Dementia" (feat. Mark Hoppus) 3:31
4. "Take It All Away" 3:30
Total length 14:24
  • Every track within this EP was also used in The Midsummer Station album.

The Midsummer Station - Acoustic EP (2013)[]

Released July 30th, 2013 (Universal Republic)

The Midsummer Station - Acoustic EP

No. Title Length
1. "Good Time" (Acoustic) 3:35
2. "Shooting Star" (Acoustic) 4:31
3. "Gold" (Acoustic) 3:55
4. "Hey Anna" 3:51
5. "I Hope You Think of Me" 3:36
Total length 19:28
  • There is also an acoustic demo of "Good Time", as well as a Last.fm/Spotify Sessions acoustic version of "Good Time" and "Shooting Star".

Ultraviolet (2014)[]

Ultraviolet EP

Released June 27th, 2014 (Republic)

No. Title Length
1. "Beautiful Times" (feat. Lindsey Stirling) 3:25
2. "Up All Night" 3:51
3. "This Isn't the End" 3:24
4. "Wolf Bite" 3:50
Total length: 14:30
  • Only "Up All Night" and "This Isn't the End" were also included in the following album Mobile Orchestra, the former being a Japanese edition bonus track.

Compilation Albums[]

The Best of Owl City[]

The Best of Owl City

Released July 9th, 2014 (Universal Music Japan)

No. Title Length
1. "Beautiful Times" (feat. Lindsey Stirling)
2. "This Isn't the End"
3. "Shooting Star"
4. "Gold"
5. "Good Time" (with Carly Rae Jepsen)
6. "Galaxies"
7. "Deer in the Headlights"
8. "The Real World"
9. "Hello Seattle"
10. "The Bird and the Worm"
11. "Fireflies"
12. "Umbrella Beach"
13. "Vanilla Twilight"
14. "The Saltwater Room"
Total length TBA

Non-Album Tracks[]

Title Length
Peppermint Winter 4:00
Here's Hope (campaign)
The Christmas Song (two versions)
Kiss Me Babe, It's Christmas Time 3:49
Beautiful Mystery (technically a Demo)
Paper Tigers (technically a Demo)
Ridiculously Happy
San Francisco Tennis Club
Choir Ward
Burj Al Arab (ad)
Slow Boat to China
Sleepwalker (feat. Derek Fuhrmann)
  • "Peppermint Winter" has a demo of the track titled 'The Joy In Your Heart' with different lyrics.
  • Here's Hope" was made under the "Child Hunger Ends Here" campaign, along with Jay Sean.
  • "Kiss Me Babe, It's Christmas Time" was originally just titled "Kiss Me" and sung by NVNS.
  • "Billions" features a sample of a speech by John Piper.
  • "Sleepwalker" was produced and written by Adam but his vocals do not appear in the track.
  • The Christmas song has two versions: one with Christmas bells at the beginning and one without, but is currently unknown which is the original or if one is fan edited or not (the latter unlikely as the bell-less version seems rarer).

As Featured Artist[]

Title Album
"Youtopia" (with Armin van Buuren) Mirage
"All About Us" (with He Is We) Skip to the Good Part
"Eternity"  (with Paul van Dyk) Evolution
"Cactus in the Valley" (acoustic) (with LIGHTS) Siberia Acoustic
"The First Noel" (with tobyMac) (cover)
"That's My Jam" (with Relient K)
"In the Air" (with Orjan Nilsen) No Saint Out of Me
"Alive" (with Schiller) Sonne
"Ready to Fly" (with Didrick)
"Middledistancerunner" (with Chicane)
"Snow Snow Snow" (as part of Band of Merrymakers)
Youtopia (alternate/extended version)
Youtopia (with Eller van Buuren)

The First Noel also has a demo of Adam's verse on Youtube called 'Noel'.

Movie Soundtracks[]

Title Film Length
"When Can I See You Again?" Wreck-It Ralph
"Light of Christmas" (feat. tobyMac) VeggieTales: Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas
"Shine Your Way" (feat. Yuna) The Croods
"Live It Up" The Smurfs 2
When Can I See You Again? (Paint the Night)
Clap Your Hands Everybody's Golf
Shine Your Way (acoustic)
  • Shine Your Way also has an alternative US version, but as a UK resident I am unable to listen to the full track or have it available to upload on Youtube.

Covered Tracks[]

Title Original artist Length
"Enchanted" Taylor Swift 4:58
"Garden Party" Rick Nelson
"How Deep the Father's Love For Us" Stuart Townend
"Can You Feel the Love Tonight" Elton John
"Home of the Blues" Johnny Cash 2:19
"In Christ Alone (I Stand)" Keith Getty
"If I Stand" Rich Mullins
"Theme from Wave Race 64" Various Artists
"Bright Eyes" Art Garfunkel
Folsom Prison Blues
Brave (preview) Nicole Nordeman
Goodbye Who Is Fancy
Jackson (preview) Johnny Cash & June Carter
Theme from Homeward Bound Bruce Broughton
Listen To What The Man Said Paul McCartney and Wings
Waving Through A Window Benj Pasek & Justin Paul
99 Red Balloons Live version medley with Plant Life is a more complete version of the song than the studio version
Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
Untitled Hymn
  • Waving Through A Window is also covered by Katy Perry.

Remixed Tracks[]

Title Original artist Album Length
"Saviour" (Adam Young Remix) LIGHTS The Listening
"I Woke Up in a Car" (Adam Young Remix) Something Corporate
"Half of My Heart" (Adam Young Remix) John Mayer
"Satisfy" (Owl City Remix) Vedera
"Daydreams" (Adam Young Remix) Breanne Düren
"Blinding Light" (Adam Young Remix) Switchfoot
"Where'd You Go?" (Adam Young Remix) Fort Minor
"Panoramic" (Adam Young Remix) Atticus Ross
"Think Again" (Adam Young Remix) Kate Havnevik

Dementia (Adam Young Remix)

Good Time (Adam Young Remix)
Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste / The Shotgun Message (Adam Young Remix) (aka Tokyo to Seoul/josh scogin samples) Norma Jean
Shine Your Way (Adam Young Remix)
Shine Your Way (Adam Young Remix) [US iTunes version]*
Jesus Freak (Owl City Remix) dc Talk
  • According to the preview, there is an alternative version of this remix only available through iTunes/Apple Music.


Title Length
"Helicopter Moon"
"Carter James"
"Halcyon (Pacman)"
"The Joy in Your Heart" (Peppermint Winter Demo)
Your Clothes (Arnold Schwarzeneggr samples)
2015 (Owl City is Back) (uses Garden Party melody)
Comfy Cozy Christmas
Dental (demo of Dental Care)
Floppy Fish/Trust Me
Magic Golden Flower
My Cool Friends on Facebook Change Their Statuses To “In a Relationship”
Noel (demo of The First Noel)
Salad Basket 1 (aka Balearic)
Salad Basket 2 (aka Balearic)
Snowfall (demo of Helium Balloon score)
Speed (demo of Speed of Love)
Studio Shenanigans
The Saltwater Yacht Club (demo of The Yacht Club vocals/The Saltwater Room production)
Blue Port (preview, as Novel) link (see here for a list of unreleased Novel tracks)
Hey There Rabbit
Good Time (Acoustic Version) (Demo)

Songs Produced[]

Title Artist Album


Relient K Terminals
The Shelter Jars of Clay
Dispatch Circles Around the Sun (various additional mixing)
If I Fall Down Outasight
Kiss Me (feat. Gabrielle Ross) (a "Kiss Me Babe, It's Christmas Time" demo of sorts) NVNS XMASEDM, Vol. 1
Honest (and written) The Neighbourhood The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (soundtrack)
Mr. Heartache (and written) Sekai No Owari Lips
Mr. Heartache (live demo 2014) featuring Adam's vocals Sekai No Owari

Songs Written[]

Title Artist Album

Kill the Lights

Abraham Mateo AM
Straight Into the Fire Zedd True Colors
Look on Up Relient K
Lighthouse Nicky Romero


Title Album Length
iOS Sounds N/A N/A
At the Ford of Bruinen (Lord of the Rings Origins Promo track for Vanderstelt Studio)

Third Party Samples[]

  • Blue Scholars' "Paul Valery", Mac Miller's "Don't Mind If I Do", "Weird Al" Yankovik's "Polka Face", Mod Sun's "Fireflies", Chris†††'s "Eyes Burn", Klippa's "You Wouldn't Believe It", Suzeme's "Furries Are Kind of Gay" and Elephant Man's "So High (Fireflies Remix) use "Fireflies" samples.
  • Cigazze's "Tyto" samples "Gold".
  • Soc Soza - "Glazin" samples "Rainbow Veins".
  • Bonnie McKee - "American Girl" samples "When Can I See You Again".

Officially Associated Remixes[]

  • Alligator Sky (Long Lost Sun Remix) (feat. Shawn Chrystopher)

Good Time (Remixes) EP[]

  • Good Time
  • Good Time (Adam Young Remix)
  • Good Time Fred Falke Full Remix)
  • Good Time (Wideboys Club Remix)

Verge: The Remixes EP[]

  • Verge (Low Steppa Remix)
  • Verge (Tom Swoon Remix)
  • Vere (Transcode Remix)

Cinematic Remix Contest Winners[]

  • New York City (itsRGA Remix)
  • Lucid Dream (Adam Awake Remix)
  • Fiji Water (Tidal Star Nine Remix)



  • Alligator Sky
  • Angels
  • Beautiful Times
  • Bombshell Blonde
  • Can't Live Without You
  • Cave In
  • Deer in the Headlights
  • Dementia
  • Dreams and Disasters
  • Dreams Don't Turn to Dust
  • Embers
  • Fiji Water
  • Fireflies
  • Galaxies
  • Gold
  • Good Time
  • Hello Seattle
  • Honey and the Bee
  • Hospital Flowers
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • How I Became the Sea
  • I'm Coming After You
  • If My Heart Was a House
  • January 28, 1986
  • Kamikaze
  • Live It Up
  • Lucid Dream
  • Meteor Shower
  • Metropolis
  • My Everything
  • New York City
  • On the Wing
  • Plant Life
  • Shooting Star
  • Shy Violet
  • Speed of Love
  • Take it All Away
  • The Bird and the Worm
  • The Real World
  • The Yacht Club
  • Thunderstruck
  • Tidal Wave
  • To the Sky
  • Umbrella Beach
  • Unbelievable
  • Vanilla Twilight
  • Verge
  • When Can I See You Again


Basically put any fan made instrumentals here that sound close enough to the original. Any "close enough"s probably won't be fine. This list will probably be pretty short.

Acapellas (vocals only)[]

Other Projects[]

Adam Young Scores[]

American Jesus[]

Members: Adam Young; possibly Andy and Tony Johnson.

Genre: Metal


Apes With Guns[]

Members: Adam Young; possibly Andy and Tony Johnson.

Genre: Metallic/disco (with robotic voice)

  • Lous Thy Barn
  • Lance Bass Can Cut A Mean Rug
  • Wayne Gretsky Is In The House


Members: Adam Young

Genre: European Dance/Screamo

  • If the Trees Had Eyes They Would Be Glaring at You
  • M is for Motorcycle 
  • I am Denmark


Members: Adam Young; Andy and Tony Johnson.

Genre: Rap/acoustic guitar

  • How We Ball
  • Basketball in da Hood
  • Basketball

Beat Master Deluxe[]

Members: Adam Young; possibly Andy and Tony Johnson.

Genre: Tribal/rhythmic

  • Easy Now
  • Spankey Takes the Cake
  • There’s Something Wierd in Here (lost)

Blue Dallas[]

Members: Adam Young; possibly Andy and Tony Johnson.

Genre: Metal core

  • Glass Canada
  • Islands
  • Texas Hold'em is the Devil

Brother Reed, You Have Messed Up My Afro[]

Members: Adam Young; possibly Andy and Tony Johnson. Album: You Can't Get Chrome Wheels For Base Price

Genre: Out-of-tune vocals/blast beats

  • A Very Merry Christmas from the Music Troupe
  • The Rolling Thunder Double Clothesline Chairshot to Reverse Piledriver
  • Sports are Life
  • Basketball

Can You Smell What the Rock is Cooking?[]

Members: Adam Young; possibly Andy and Tony Johnson. Album: It's Jamtastic!

Genre: ?

  • Gimme Some Burgers
  • Slap Shot Double Shot Hooking Goal!
  • I’ll Dunk Your Face

Charlton Heston and the Blast Beats[]

Members: Adam Young, Andy and Tony Johnson.

Genre: Various groans, moans and yells as vocals

  • Missle Drop Kick
  • Swinging Chest Assault
  • The Atomic Neck Slam

Chester McWiggins and the Kowboy Kidz[]

Members: Adam Young, Andy and Tony Johnson.

Genre: (sarcastic) Country

  • I’m a Western Guy

Color Therapy[]

Dolphin Park[]

Members: Adam Young and Andy Johnson.

Genre: Ambient

Note these are early versions of Windsor Airlift tracks.

  • Crescent Island
  • Helicopters
  • Hello Enchanted Evening
  • The Theme for Moonglow

El Uno Clarence, The One Clarence[]

Members: Adam Young and Andy Johnson.

Genre: ?

  • Hulkster Death Kill
  • Death Camp
  • A Tall Tale of Death
  • Hulkamania Ultimate Death

Half Nelson Flying Corkscrew Clothes Line[]

Members: Adam Young; possibly Andy and Tony Johnson.

Genre: ?

  • I’m Gonna Smash You
  • Bring The Pain
  • This Conversation Is OVER!

Insect Airport[]

Members: Adam Young

Genre: Ambient

  • Apple
  • Orange
  • Grape
  • Strawberry


Members: Adam Young (drums); possibly Andy and Tony Johnson and others

Genre: Rock

  • Always Have A Reaction (Live)
  • Untitled (Live)

Join the Dark Side You Knob[]

Members: Adam Young; possibly Andy and Tony Johnson

Genre: Star Wars samples/scores

  • Jar Jar Binks Is A Loser
  • Someone Axe Kick Obi-wan In The Face
  • Vin Diesal Blew Up The Death Star


Members: Adam Young

Genre: Ambient/guitar

  • Dolphins (Purevolume Version)
  • Dolphins (MySpace Version)
  • I Glide
  • Good Tumbleweed!


Members: Adam Young

Genre: ?

Note: The only track released publicly is Behold! Lawns. The others are only held by the team behind Windsor Airlift and/or Adam himself. There's also a preview of Blue Port on their Instagram as well as some of the tracks. Link

  • Behold! Lawns
  • Aim
  • Arcs
  • Arcs (Remix)
  • Arrows
  • Blue Port
  • Brother Reed, You Have Messed Up My Afro
  • By The Look Of My Soup I'd Say Someone In Y...
  • Can I Have Your Jacket
  • Cove
  • Cove (Remix)
  • Deep Pools
  • Faint
  • Floating... Sailing
  • Freeways
  • Grand Staircase = Oak
  • Green Bugs
  • Harbor
  • Hotel
  • Houses
  • Landscapes
  • Maple
  • Maple (Remix)
  • Mess With Kurt And You Go Into The... (possibly identical or related in some way to the Windsor Airlift track)
  • Mice
  • No
  • Orca
  • The Owlsla
  • Seaboards And Silent Movies
  • Seaplane
  • Swim
  • Swim (Remix)
  • Trampolines
  • Wave Race (could be related to Adam's live recording of Theme from Wave Race 64)
  • Wave Race (Dance Mix)
  • Where Are All My Symphonies
  • You're Coming With Me In My Cement Truck
  • 1
  • & Beach Hanger
  • Birds
  • Fairway
  • I Feel Hungry
  • Leaves Fall Slowly
  • Otis, You Came To Visit!
  • Aqueduct
  • City Tops
  • Glowing Oceans
  • I Can't See You Because The Lawn Is Swimming
  • I Hate Red Lights
  • The Ivory Coast And Midnight's Es...
  • New Maine
  • Planet Observer
  • Transparent Dolphins Aquariums T...
  • You Should Give The Deer Their Spaceships Back
  • 98 Was A Short Year
  • England Is White
  • A Mean Guy In A Chicken Suit
  • There Are No Boats
  • (Unreadable track and possibly more off-screen tracks)

Nuclear Suplex[]

Members: Adam Young

Genre: Deep vocals/drums/synths


Port Blue[]

Riders of Rohan[]

Members: Adam Young, Andy Johnson, possibly Tony

Genre: Deep vocals

Note, For some reason these tracks are identical to the SLAM DANCE tracks.

Album: Stay With Me Forever Or I Will Be Diagnosed With Depression

  • 4 Today (probably Bringing New Hopes Into Our Lives Forever)
  • Swimming In Gravy (Crafted In The Deepest Depths Of My Heart’s Console)
  • Judas (Hills That Look Like Your Hair)

Seagull Orchestra[]

Members: Adam Young

Genre: Acoustic

Note: Sailboats is an earlier demo version of the Sky Sailing song of the same name.

  • Aerial Promenade (possible sequel to Asleep in the Yacht by Port Blue)
  • Goodbye Goose Prince
  • In Flight
  • Sailboats

Sky Sailing[]


Members: Adam Young, Andy Johnson, possibly Tony

Genre: Deep vocals

Note: For some reason, these songs are exactly the same as the three Riders of Rohan songs.

  • Hills That Look Like Your Hair (Judas)
  • Crafted In The Deepest Depths Of My Heart’s Console (Swimming In Gravy)
  • Bringing New Hopes Into Our Lives Forever (lost, but probably 4 Today)

Slingshot Powerbomb[]

Members: Adam Young, Andy Johnson, possibly Tony

Genre: Metal

  • Bone Clubs and Cavemen
  • Tape Decks and Muscle Shirts
  • Harley’s and Camaro’s (lost)

Spinning Skull Smash[]

Members: Adam Young, Andy Johnson, possibly Tony

Genre: Muslim satire

  • Everybody Feel It All Up In Here
  • J to the AM

Swimming With Dolphins[]

Songs featuring Adam are as follows:

  • Silhouettes
  • Pajama Party
  • Sunset, 1989
  • Everything’s A Miracle
  • Up In The Stars
  • B-side: Fast Car (Tracy Chapman cover) 

The Atlantic[]

Members: Adam Young, Andy and Tony Johnson.

Album: I'll Set Out On An Ocean Voyage.

Genre: Acoustic/pop

Note: After this track, the band was changed to Glacier Island, which don't feature Adam. Also, "My Weekend" is quite possibly a demo of "Vanilla Twilight".

  • My Weekend

The Perfect Theory[]

Members: Adam Young, Andy and Tony Johnson

Genre: Acoustic/pop

Note: it is possible that "Waldorf Sweetheart" is an earlier demo of Sky Sailing's "A Little Opera Goes A Long Way".

  • Waldorf Sweetheart
  • Waldorf+CSU+LOVE
  • Fast food Relationships
  • Do you want to date me?
  • Prom Night
  • Without You Baby
  • Would you be my Valentine?

The Grizzly[]

Members: Adam Young, Andy and Tony Johnson

Genre: Screamo pop

  • Yo, Griz
  • Cocacola

The Sports[]

Members: Adam Young; possibly Andy and Tony Johnson

Genre: Heavy metal

Album: Soccer Swing Slam in B Minor

  • Give Me The Basketball—I’ll Dunk Your Face
  • The Jazz Sports Metal Experience
  • I Was Recording Some Tracks In Studio C
  • Well No One’s Going To Jail Son

The Wellington Gigglebomb Experience[]

Members: Adam Young, Andy and Tony Johnson

Genre: Ambient/vocal

  • Sweet Healing Misty Rain
  • The Bazooka Message
  • Let’s Go Surfing

Tombstone Piledriver[]

Members: Adam Young; possibly Andy and Tony Johnson

Genre: ?

  • Goodbye (Live)
  • My Speech Impediment Romance


Members: Adam Young; possibly Andy and Tony Johnson

Genre: Flamboyant

  • My Station Wagon
  • Silver Village
  • Summer Broken

Windsor Airlift[]

Note: It is difficult to find a decent source for proper writing credits etc. for this band but according to owlcitydatabase.tumblr this is the most information I was able to gather up.

The Basement EP (all tracks)[]

  • Intro
  • See You Soon
  • Joyride
  • My Regards
  • Disaster
  • My Best Friend
  • Boat
  • Jason
  • First Semester’s Over

Flight (all tracks)[]

  • Downtown Liftoff
  • Autumn
  • Skyscape Planetarium
  • Helium
  • This Is Space
  • Waves Spent On Breathing (also appears on Selections For A Fallen Soldier, Vol 2)
  • The Shadow Of Your Wings pt. 1
  • The Shadow Of Your Wings pt. 2
  • Hope
  • The Theme For Moonglow (also appears on We Rule and Beneath the Crystal Waves)

The Forest Sings To Distant Shores (all tracks)[]

  • Nice Job With The Tent, Sturgis
  • One
  • I Hate Texas Taxes

Moonfish Parachutist (all tracks)[]

  • Moonfish Parachutist
  • What, Pantaminist?
  • No One Tells Me Anything
  • My French Voice Teacher, Luvelle
  • To Paris! A Lovely Excursion
  • Grandeur-Out Interstate Park
  • Ruby Fjord-Runway Beck
  • Operatic, Glacial Kirovograd
  • White Tarn Sonata in Blue
  • Love
  • Heroism: Hazel And Dandelion
  • This Is Television
  • A Trio Of Talking Boots
  • Oceanic? Staten Island, Oh Darling!
  • I Haven’t Any Money/A.M. Hanger
  • You There! King Of Swans!

Moonfish Parachutist II[]

As far as I can tell, this album has been hyped up since 2012 but no release or track list has happened yet.

  • Silhouette Harbor


  • A Wolf Am I, A Wolf On Mischief bent
  • We Shan’t Be Snorkeling, We Shan’t We Shan’t
  • The Number of Insects is Tremendous
  • Wake Up Boss, You’re Bald and I Suspect You’re A Dallas Fan As Well..
  • She and I Swam Down The Staircase
  • The Trouble With Bugs Is That They’re Non-confrontational… When I Try to Confront Them, They Just Run Away
  • Give Me Your Motorcycle  

Selections For A Fallen Soldier, Vol. 1[]

This album was allegedly sold in 50 copies upon release and was never re-released. WA has said that they do not wish the album to be post publicly, but they did share this one track with Adam in and it is assumed the rest of the tracks also feature him in.

  • Streetways and Driveways
  • A Red Tide (uncomfimed but available on Youtube and one earlier source mentions it)
  • Autumn Reflections (possibly related to Autumn)
  • It's Been A Friday (uncomfirmed)

Selections For A Fallen Soldier, Vol. 2 (all tracks)[]

  • Cities, Stars And Planes
  • A Fatal Storyline
  • Buzz The Spaceship!
  • This Face Alone Unveils Shadow
  • Waves Spent On Breathing (also appears on Flight)

Hotels (all tracks)[]

1. A Lovely Wedding, Snow & Sky

2. When I Was A Pedant Clerk In Switzerland I Used To Wonder What The Universe Would Look Like If I Was Traveling At The Speed Of Light On A Motorcycle

2. Owl

4. Blue City Glass

We Rule (all tracks)[]

1. Ocean City Park

2. Landscapes

3. One & This Face Alone Unveils Shadow (a song unrelated to the two tracks mentioned)

4. The Theme for Moonglow (also appears on Beneath the Crystal Waves and Flight)

5. The Babemeister

Beneath the Crystal Waves[]

Note: Dolphin Park's tracks are the same.

1. Hello, Enchanted Evening

2. Crescent Island

3. The Theme for Moonglow (also appears on Flight) and We Rule

4. Helicopters

Ocean City Park (all tracks)[]

These tracks all make part of Ocean City Park separated into 6 tracks on a single EP.

5. Ocean 01

6. Ocean 02

7. City 03

8. City 04

9. Park 05

10. Park 06

Unknown Album[]

  • You Mess With Kurt and You Go In the Grinder
  • White Shores
  • I Am Hercules (possbiy)