Adam Young
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Adam Young

Birth name

Adam Randal Young

Also known as

Owl City, Sky Sailing, Port Blue, Rick (unconfirmed), Seagull Orchestra, Insect Airport, Swimming with Dolphins (as part of band), Keehar, Novel (unconfirmed), The Grizzly, Windsor Airlift (as part of band), Aquarium, Dolphin Park, Apes With Guns, The Atlantic, Basketball...


July 5, 1986


Owatonna, MN, U.S.A Ottumwa, IA, U.S.A (Birthplace)


Elecronica, synthpop, indietronica, ambient instrumental


Producer, musician, singer-songwriter


Vocals, keyboard, guitar, drums

Years active



Sky Harbour, Universal Republic Records


Adam Young is the only main member of the band Owl City. He had multiple music projects before he became Owl City. One such is Sky Sailing, which was created while he was in college. In music, he sometimes credits himself as Adam Young, especially when featuring on another artist's track. He has also released a couple of solo tracks under this name, such as Ridiculously Happy and Burj Al Arab.

Adam is famous for Fireflies, When Can I See You Again (featured in Wreck-It Ralph), and numerous other songs.

Adam is also an outspoken Christian. He references his religious beliefs in the songs My Everything and Galaxies.

Hello Seattle- Owl City

Hello Seattle- Owl City